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About us

    Welcome to Jilin Sino-Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (JSMC), I hope we can become friends in sharing the convenient communication which the internet brings to us.

    With more than 50 years' history of semiconductor power devices research, JSMC has witnessed the change from planned economy to market economy. These experiences as well as the establishment of mutually beneficial partnership with suppliers and customers have provided favorable opportunities for JSMC to grow into the first IPO Company among the domestic colleague industries; it has been focused by multitudinous investment firms. All the achievements got before and getting now are supported by all sectors of society. I have firm faith that with the modernized information platform---internet, to maintain partnership with old friends as always and pursue new dream with new friends to own a more brilliant future together.

    Product innovation and technique improvement are not only the demands of customers, but also the target we firmly persist in. I sincerely hope that in the endeavor of growing into the biggest semiconductor power device manufacturing base of China, we can have your support, your participation, your instruction and help. The great ocean is able to accommodate hundreds of rivers while the great man is able to accommodate thousands of different views. Placing great emphasis on the management philosophy and enterprise culture of personification, human nature and human sentiment orientation, together with the rapid development of information era, we will extensively take in the talented, and fully adopt leading-edge management experiences both domestic and abroad to build the reputation of first-class electronic company with fairly economic scope and competitive force for JSMC.

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